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Chameleon Rose is an online Holistic Spiritual Shop and Creative Artisan Collective. Our name was inspired by the amazing flower, Rosa Chameleon, due to its ever-changing colorful blooms of yellow, orange and red. Like a rose, the path of each human soul unfolds in beautiful, ever-changing expressions of spirit. Chameleon Rose was formed out of a deep desire to help fellow spiritual explorers transform their lives. We are a group of spiritual artisans with many years of serving the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Shamanic, Pagan and New Age communities.

We offer a wide range of holistic supplies, ritual tools, crystals, card decks, books, sacred acoustics and goods from the global marketplace. Our product offering is constantly changing, so make sure to stop by often to see newly posted Artisan Crafts and Unique Finds.



Ahzriel Addams - Head Artist at Ahz Unlimited Studios

For as long as I can remember, I have been creating. As a child, I would bring together bits and pieces of materials that others considered throw-aways and turned them into pieces of art. Creating something from nothing is a passion.

I work in a variety of mediums for any given piece of artwork. I generally begin with a simple sketch of my idea and from there it blossoms into something more than I could have imagined! Paper, rocks, wood, feathers, leather, metal, glass, polymer clay and more… I love to work with it all to create. I specialize in clay sculpture and jewelry, as well as wearable fantasy wings for all ages.

Fantasy creatures, other worlds and mystical beings have always inspired my artwork and fascinated my mind.


Nagi - Artist of Native American Inspired Beaded Crafts

Nagi is short for Wichasa Nagi (pronounced Wichasa Nari), my given name, which means Man Shadow in Lakota. I learned basic beading techniques from my grandmother as a child and to honor her passing, I embraced the Lakota culture and heritage. My creations are always hand crafted in a positive space. My beading cloth always has medicine next to the beads while I work. Every item that I make is blessed. It’s something that I do to ensure they have positive and clean energy. I am in balance and so too are the items that I craft.

My totem (spirit guide) is the Red-Tailed Hawk, Chanska Upigi (pronounced Choska Upiri). I carry Hawk Medicine. The main focus of my life and crafts is to bring joy to others through my works. I run purification ceremonies, pouring water for sweat lodges, mentor at risk youth and teach art classes. I still practice the ways of my people through my crafts, ceremony, ritual drumming and dance.


I’ve been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would sneak off to the library or bookstore and spend hours looking into esoteric topics. I’d look up at the night sky and wonder who or what could have created something as vast as the Universe. I wondered about what happens to us when we die. What is the meaning of life? I discovered that these were questions common to just about everyone.

The journey of self-realization is as timeless as the origins of humanity. J.R.R Tolkien wrote, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost.” The time has come for the store and creative team to be reunited as we bring you the Chameleon Rose. Our mission is to share the knowledge, tools, and mystical treasures, which will bring you better well-being and transformation in body, mind, and spirit.

Welcome fellow seeker… may you walk in synchronicity, may your heart be healed, may your dreams come true and may your deeds bring about the most benevolent outcome for all.

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