How to Use a Pendulum

A pendulum is a spiritual tool used to access inner wisdom and clarity. The tool is often made of a crystal or a piece of metal suspended on a chain or string. You can ask a pendulum various questions, and it will respond with a yes or a no. The swinging pendulum motion allows the tool to move in a specific direction that allows you to interpret the answer that you receive. There are many debates about where the answers come from, but the true pendulum meaning is unique to each individual person and their beliefs. Out of all of the divinatory tools you can use to gain answers to life’s most pressing questions, the pendulum is one of the most accurate and specific tools you can use. 

Types of Pendulums

There are many different types of pendulums on the market. You can even buy a pendulum online at our store! Pendulums come in the form of crystals, abstract metal shapes, glass, and other varieties. It’s important to find a pendulum that resonates with you, one that you feel a connection. Certain crystals in pendulums can help enhance your answers but are not necessary to receive accurate answers. 

Cleansing Your Pendulum

Just like any spiritual tool, a pendulum should be cleansed upon receiving it and periodically as long as you use it. Many pendulums are made of crystal and other energetic materials, which means they can become attached to external energies, which may influence your connection and answers if you don’t properly cleanse them. 


Immersing your pendulum in salt overnight is a great way to remove any excess stagnant or negative energies. Place your pendulum in a bowl, cover it with white salt, and leave it for a few hours or overnight.


Sunlight is a very cleansing and empowering energy. You can cleanse your pendulum by laying it out outside or on your window seal, so it comes into contact with the sun’s light. You may only want to do this sparingly because certain crystals and materials can fade if exposed to too much sun. 


Placing your pendulum in the moonlight is a wonderful way to remove and dissolve old, negative energies from it. The moon is a powerful cleanser and empowers items exposed to its light. Cleansing under the light of a full moon is most beneficial. 

You can also use any of your favorite preferred methods for cleansing on your pendulum, as long as the tools used won’t damage the material of it. 

The Swinging Pendulum Directions

If you’ve never used a pendulum before, you’ll be amazed at its ability to swing and spin on its own. Before asking your pendulum a question, you must first test out each available response to understand what your pendulum’s answers will be. 

Start by asking, “What does a’ yes’ look like?”

The pendulum will begin to move in a specific direction. Each person holds a specific frequency and energy, which means everyone’s answers may look different. Sometimes the pendulum used will also have an effect on what a yes or no question looks like. After you ask this question, your pendulum will either move forward and backward, left to right, diagonal, or spin in a circle. If you aren’t sure of its direction, try asking it again. 

Once you know what a yes looks like, ask, “What does a ‘no’ look like?”

Continue the same process for “What does a ‘refuse to answer’ look like?”

and “What does a ‘rephrase the question’ look like?”

Once you’ve established what your pendulum’s directions are, you can begin to ask questions. 

How To Ask Your Pendulum Questions

Asking your pendulum questions is by far the most impactful component of using this tool in your spiritual practice. While it’s tempting to ask your pendulum every question you may have, not all questions can be answered by this tool, and not all questions should be asked the way you ask them. 

  • Hold your pendulum at an arm’s length by the end of it’s chain or string. 
  • Allow the crystal or metal object to sway on its own, or you can also hold it still. 
  • Ask your question and allow your arm and hand to relax, so that the pendulum can begin to swing. 

Asking future-related questions can be unbeneficial because the future is constantly changing based on your actions, emotions, thoughts, and intentions. If you ask a future question that involves another person, their actions, emotions, thoughts, and intentions will also influence the outcome. 

Questions about the present moment and the past are most beneficial as they are more concrete than the future and can give you more accurate insight and clarity. 

Whenever you receive an answer, it’s best to double-check by asking it another way. For instance, if you desire a relationship, ask the question “Is there anyone in my life that loves me?” and receive a yes answer, you’ll want to ask it another way. You could then ask, “Is there anyone in my life that loves me in a romantic way?” This will give you a better understanding of the situation and allows you to continue working towards the ultimate truth of the question at hand. 

The longer you use the pendulum, the better you’ll understand how to ask questions and what questions are beneficial to ask. Health questions, legal questions, and questions in regards to serious situations should always be asked in multiple ways. 

Anyone Can Use a Pendulum

A common misconception about spiritual tools is that you have to be psychic to use them. The pendulum can be used by anyone because everyone has a connection to the divine source of inner truth and wisdom within them. Try out a pendulum today, and start asking questions. You’re just a swing away from uncovering the answers that your mind wants and your soul craves. 


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