Copalquin Chapis Tea (Croton) 1/2oz


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This tree is from Mexico and when the Spanish settlers realized its properties they called this flat “Cascara sagrada”. This plant lives in hot and semi-dry climates, also shaky climates. It is wild and is associated with the tropical deciduous and sub-deciduous forest, mesophilic forest, thorny forest, oak and pine forest. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Diabetes, gastric problems, bile, facilitates the digestion of food, gallstones, cirrhosis, liver, jaundice, insomnia, cancer, weight loss, eliminates toxins, nutritional, laxative in low doses, laxative in higher doses, etc. EXTERNAL USE: Hair, skin, headache, colic, abdominal pain, etc. TOXICITY: Not recommended for use without your doctor’s consent.

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