Gobernadora Chapis Tea (Chaparral Herb) 1/2oz


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Larrea tridentina, also known as governor plant, is a common plant of the deserts of the United States. It is called governor because it has a great ability to inhibit the development of plants that grow around it to obtain as much water as possible. The governor plant is one of the most appreciated and used medicinal plants in Mexico. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Kidney stones, kidney stones, bladder inflammation, inflammatory problems, urinary tract conditions, rheumatism, bone and muscle diseases, gallbladder inflammation, colds, respiratory diseases, etc. EXTERNAL USE: Hemorrhoids, skin inflammations, cosmetic uses, hair, skin problems, dandruff, hair loss, irritated skin, foot and armpit odor, skin fungus, etc. TOXICITY: Not recommended for use without your doctor’s consent.

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