Mood Lifter Smoking Herb Blend 15gms


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Calming and Soothing Effects: Our mood lifter smoking blend has been carefully crafted to provide a calming yet invigorating experience. Contains natural herbs that have been used since ancient times to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promote relaxation.

  • Herbal Smoking Blend: This unique blend includes St. John’s Wort, Basil, and Lemon Balm – all chosen for their clinically proven benefits in alleviating stress associated with everyday life. Enjoy a smooth blend of herbs that don’t contain chemicals like nicotine or THC.
  • Natural Ingredients: All ingredients are sourced naturally without any synthetic additives or fillers. The blend is free from nicotine, tobacco, CBD, THC or any other artificial substances that may adversely affect your health. We use only the highest quality herbs for our Mood Lifter Smoking Blend!
  • Please thoroughly read the disclaimer on packaging before using our product. Has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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