369 Laws of Attraction – Guided Workbook


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369 Laws of Attraction – Guided Workbook is the perfect tool to unlock your potential and unlock the power of manifestation. This inspiring workbook will keep your positive energy at an all-time high, allowing you to manifest your dreams, goals, and aspirations. The 369 method of manifestation focuses on repeating three intentions each morning, six at mid-day, and nine at night in order to draw your dreams toward you. This unique method of manifestation can help you unlock the power of the law of attraction and focus your energy on what you want to achieve in life. With this guided workbook, you’ll have the step-by-step instructions and exercises to stay on track and make sure your positive energy is being utilized in the right ways. Whether you are looking for love, success, or self-improvement, this workbook will help you get the results you are looking for. A 6.1″ x 8.4″ paperback book with 192 pages.

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