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Manifest your higher purpose – Take charge of your life with the powerful magick of a Healing Smudge Kit. Each kit includes a White Sage Smudge Wand and Palo Santo Stick, which can be used together or separately to cleanse your space of negative energy and refocus your intentions.

  • Angelite stone – Also included in this kit is an Angelite stone to help align you with celestial vibrations. This beautiful crystal provides calming energies while helping you to achieve clarity and true divine connection.
  • Restore balance – The combination of our smudging tools and angelite stone helps to restore balance, enhance spirituality, clear obstacles, deepen mediation, relax tension, and heal emotional wounds.
  • Attract positive energy – Feel the power that comes from purifying your home as it transforms into a place filled with positive energy and good vibes! Let this healing smudge kit open up the path for you towards achieving a more meaningful life.

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