Reiki Infused 7 Chakra Kit


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Refresh your soul and stir emotion within with the powerful Reiki infused 7 Chakra Candle Kit! Let each candle’s hue of red, orange, yellow, green. blue, indigo, or purple illuminate through you as it cleanses away stagnant energy and brings balance to both body and spirit. As you gaze into its flame while visualizing swirling spectrums of color invigorating every corner inside yourself in the flow from root to crown. Choose the colored candle that coordinates with the Chakra you are working and burn for as long as desired or snuff out to use in your next meditation or spiritual practice. Kit includes: Seven Reiki infused Chakra chime candles, Tumbled Quartz crystal to amplify your intentions of healing, a card explaining the colors, and a balancing charm to carry or wear as an extension of your practice. 1/2″ wide chime

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