Your Complete Guide to Spiritual Candles


If you feel drawn to candles and want to start incorporating them into your spiritual practice, then you may be interested in learning more about the different types of candles and how they can be used. Candles have been used in many spiritual practices across varying cultures, generations, and belief structures.

Since the beginning of time,, people have been using candles for spiritual purposes. This is a tradition that has been passed on throughout the generations and is still alive and well today. While candles are also used for aesthetic purposes, today we’re going to talk about how they are used spiritually.

Keep in mind that spirituality is very personal, and each individual can and should decide for themselves how they want to practice. Everyone practices differently and you should adjust these guidelines to your own personal needs and calling. This post is meant simply as a guide for those looking to learn more.

How Candles are Used in Spirituality

Candles are symbolic in many ways, which is why we see them commonly used in spiritual practices. The candle represents light in the darkness. It is a symbol of illumination, and it is sometimes associated with certain angels or celestial beings.

When you use candles in spiritual work, you may do so to help bring healing properties or to set an intention for a specific prayer or desire. They can help you to project a specific energy or ambiance, based on the color of the candle you choose. In general, the candle flame also sets a tone of calm, peace, and purity. It can be soothing to look upon the candle’s flame. Many rituals also call for candles to be lit and/or blown out as part of the process.

To say that you will “light a candle for” someone indicates that you intend to say a prayer for them. The candle symbolizes that prayer. Many different religious beliefs practice prayer candles and some spiritual people with no religious affiliation do as well.

Here are some common meanings of the different colors of candles.

Candle Color Meanings

Different cultures use different types of candles, and the colors may have different meanings but here are some common meanings for the different colors.

White – White candles are often said to represent peace, healing, cleansing, purity, innocence, divination, or exorcism. Sometimes white candles are used along with other candles or before lighting other candles as a way to cleanse the space before doing a ritual or prayer. White is believed to help amplify the energy of any other candle that you burn with it.

Pink – Pink candles represent love, friendship, caring, nurturing, femininity, affection and they might be used for heart chakra work as well. Pink may be used in love spells.

Green – Green candles represent success, money, fertility, prosperity, growth, and the heart chakra. Green candles are great for when you are looking to pursue a new job or career, when you want to invite more money or financial blessings, and it can help you bring good luck to your life. It can also be used in fertility spells or for growing crops.

Blue – Blue candles can represent emotions like reflection, perception, as well as mental focus. They bring in patience, kindness, sympathy, and healing as well. Blue candles may be used for protection rituals, forgiveness, good fortune, water, truth, and calm.

Red – Red is a strong and powerful color. In candles, it represents passion, fire, strength, career, list, action, and independence. It is a great candle to work with when dealing with sexual energy. It can also work well if you are looking to tap into strength and power energy. It is sometimes also used to ward off danger or to remove negative attitudes.

Purple – Purple candles represent spiritual power, government, and psychic powers. They can be used to break habits or to drive away evil as well. Purple is the color of the third eye and these candles can be used any time you want to strengthen

Orange – Orange is a blend of yellow and red, so it brings mental agility, action-energy, and creativity. This is a great candle to burn when you’re trying to complete a project or do creative tasks.

Brown – Brown candles represent home protection, animals, stability, and family affairs. They can also ward off bad omens and help to hold back situations that might be in crisis.

Yellow – Yellow candles represent intellect, sun, luxury, memory, positive attitude, as well as masculinity. You may use yellow candles in a new home, or as part of a self-care ritual, just to name a couple of ideas.

Black – Black candles are very powerful. They help protect from and repel against negative or bad energy. These are great for prayers of protection, to seal and protect your home and personal space, or when you have reason to believe you are under spiritual attack.

Again, these are not the only meanings of these colors. If you feel drawn to using a specific color candle for a different reason or purpose, that’s perfectly alright, too. You should do what feels best to you. But when you know what a particular color of candle is meant to represent, it can help you to choose the ones that are best for your needs.

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