Your Survival Guide to Mercury Retrograde

Well, here we are in one of the many Mercury Retrograde phases we have each year. Scientifically speaking, Mercury retrograde is simply an optical illusion where the planet appears to change course and move backwards in the sky. But we know better. It’s not just our collective imaginations. Right?

You’ll inevitably hear so much groaning, complaining, and blaming for this cycle that happens all the time.

Mercury Retrograde happens 3 – 4 times each and every year! Average life expectancy now is 73 years. This means that you’ll potentially experience between 219 – 292 of these retrograde if you were “average”! There doesn’t seem to be any way of avoiding it. We all know you’re exceptional, so you might experience many more! So, let’s understand how to power through like a champ.

Top 5 Survival Tips to make it through Mercury Retrograde

  1. Be sure not to take things too personally. People may not be communicating on your frequency and wavelength.
  2. Read the small print on any contracts. Ask lots of questions. Don’t make fast decisions.
  3. Try not to start anything new. Finish things you started a while ago. this is a good time to revisit past projects.
  4. Double-check your work emails and all things related to technology. Back things up!
  5. Schedule extra time for everything. Assume things will not go as planned. Expect delays. Be extra patient when traveling.

The Good News about Mercury Retrograde and what can you do about it

When we understand the general energies around Mercury Retrograde we understand how it’s supporting our growth, expansion and self-awareness. We can stop being surprised about tech issues, communication glitches, and get aligned with the benefits of these energies and use them to our advantage!

When Mercury is in retrograde it’s a good time to:


During Mercury Retrograde, you might see old patterns re-emerging or circling back. This is not to remind you of the past, and to make you groan, but to highlight a new level of awareness, healing and release.

As you come up against recurring patterns and experiences, try to reframe them to open to what is there for you, what can you do that’s new and different? Is it showing you who’ve you’ve become since the last time you encountered this pattern or experience? Lean into what’s there for you from a positive point of view.

I know, it’s not always easy to do. It can be challenging, but as soon as you open to the potential goodness of what it’s there for you’ll be able to see it more easily.


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