The Lion’s Gate Portal: 8/8

Every year, a lioness portal roars overhead, opening up over humanity. This portal is called Lion’s Gate, and it creates an opportunity for powerful change within our lives. The portal forms as the Sun in Leo, and the star, Sirius of Orion’s belt, forms an alignment with the earth. Lion’s Gate begins its manifestation on July 28th, which just so happened to fall under a new moon in Leo. Because of this pairing, this Lion’s Gate will help initiate fresh, new energies into your life. New beginnings and opportunities may present themselves to you more abundantly, and you could experience having a new lease on life, feeling as if anything is possible for you. If you work with crystals, charging them under the Sun on the 8th can help store some of this portal’s energy for you to use in your practice.

Lion’s Gate affects every person equally; it’s an energy that can be felt in all of our lives, bringing with it positivity, joy, warmth, and passion. The Sun in Leo is a charismatic sign that enjoys being social and helping others. During this portal, it’s a great time to spend them with people you enjoy, give back to others, and find ways to follow your passions. Spirits will be very high as Leo washes its vigorous vitality over the world. Awakening is also a common property of this phenomenon. The Sun is known for bringing with it the morning; the same is true during this portal. The Lion’s Gate energy is very high frequency and helps raise the consciousness of humanity and the planet. You may experience spiritual downloads, expanded awareness, and higher perspectives.

Lion’s Gate Numerology

The Lion’s Gate Portal falls on 8/8, giving the number a powerful significance during this time. In numerology, 8 is associated with the infinity symbol, new beginnings, success, and abundance.

The infinity symbol represents the ever-changing cycles within our lives. During this portal, you may experience entering a new cycle within your life. This cycle may bring you towards achieving some form of success or allow you to express your creativity more readily.

The number 11 is also associated with the full date of 8/8/22. 11 is a highly spiritual number, meaning this portal is an excellent time to realign yourself with your spiritual practices, meditate, and be open to receiving higher information. If you’ve been struggling recently, the portal can help you understand the spiritual cause of the situation, helping you find a solution to overcome it. Our selection of tarot cards is great for helping guide you through this portal and interpreting any of the higher messages you may receive.

Time to Roar

Lion’s Gate reminds you of your inner Lion; it ignites your fire and super-charges your passion. The lion encourages you to dance under the Sun, paint with all the colors, and allow yourself to be seen. Look deep inside you during this time, and find the aspect of you that knows you’re worth anything your heart desires. Just as the lion is the central power of the jungle, you are also at the center of your life.


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